Warm greetings in the Name of our Risen Savior!

This month of July, we are celebrating first year of our ministry here @ Davis Street! Praise the Lord! How time flies! It has been one year ago since y’all welcomed us with amazing love and radical hospitality.

And it’s now official! The Bishop and the Cabinet reappointed us to serve for another year 2018-2019. Thanks be to God! We are truly humbled and blessed to serve Davis Street!

As we continue to move forward, shifting our church towards becoming vital and growing is the work of the Holy Spirit. Only God can bring about change and transformation into hearts of the people. However, God uses people (lay and clergy alike) in making disciples of Jesus Christ— to reach out to new and diverse people “so that” they will come to know Jesus and make Him known. As a result, these new disciples will become part of the Body of Christ.

Therefore, my prayer is that we will continue to focus on God’s mission: “to reach out and connect with all people, making disciples of Jesus Christ.” I also pray that God’s Spirit will continue to “shift” His church from membership to discipleship, from fellowship to hospitality, from worship as an event to worship as a lifestyle, from serve us to service and from survival mentality to generosity.

On another subject, this coming July 9th-15th, I will be going to Seoul, Korea to attend the World Methodist Council Meeting. This global event will not only give me a great opportunity to see the growth of Methodism in Korea but also to connect with fellow Christians across the globe, and to be equipped in effectively leading our congregation towards growth and vitality.

Each local church in the North Carolina Conference is encouraged to give their pastor the gift of 4-week Sabbath rest every year. Pastors have a tendency to be task oriented and tasks can be never-ending.  Practicing Sabbath is a necessary reminder that life is not all about work. But the God who loves us infinitely has commanded us take Sabbath rest and refrain from our usual activities and instead rest, and rejuvenate our mind body and spirit.

Therefore, after my trip to Korea, I will spend time with the family for a 3-week Sabbath rest from July 16th-August 2nd, thanks to the support of Staff-Parish Relations Team. I hope my practice of Sabbath provides encouragement for our lay leadership and disciple members.

While I’m away, the pastoral care will be provided by Rev. Mike Sykes (July 9th-18th) and Rev. Jane Brannock (July 19th-August 2nd). Moreover, here’s the following preaching schedule: Rev. Mike Sykes (July 15th); David Smedberg (July 22nd); and Vicki Ambrose (July 29th). The Church Staff will handle the day-to-day church administration and ministries.

As we journey together for another exciting year, please join with me in praying daily: “Lord, let Your miracles break forth everyday and let me not be an obstacle in any way!”

Pastor Edgar

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