Dear Davis Street UMC Family,

Warm greetings to all! My family and I arrived here safely in South Africa last night!

As many of you are aware, I traveled to Seoul, Korea last July 9th to attend the World Methodist Council Meeting.

However, a day after I arrived, I was rushed to the Emergency Room in St. Mary Hospital in Seoul, Korea a day after I arrived due to some consistent pains on my chest. After a series of medical tests including blood work, EKG and urine test, the doctor ruled out any heart problems and I was discharged after 6 hours in the hospital. Praise the Lord!

The doctor told me that the pain may be coming from stresses, and to take it easy and check with the doctor when I get back to the US. Since they did not find any major health issues, the doctor finally gave me the go signal to resume the rest of my travel itinerary.

Throughout this experience, I felt the power of God’s Spirit in my life. I’m overwhelmed with the outpouring of prayers and concerns from hundreds of people from all across the world including the people of Davis Street.

We’re currently here in South Africa accompanying our daughter Kristina, who will attend the Global Young People’s Convocation from July 15th-23rd.

Indeed, God is constantly reminding me (and all of us) to slow down in life, take care of our health by honoring Sabbath rest and practice healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, God is reminding me (and all of us) to fully surrender our lives to Christ and be prepared to die so that we may live in Christ!

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Edgar

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