Warm greetings in the Name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! I’m excited to share with y’all that Davis Street is launching two new discipleship events this September.

First, the 1st Annual Spiritual Retreat will be on Sept. 8th @ Northwest District Park in Siler City. The retreat is open for all ages free of charge. The retreat’s venue offers a picnic shelter, activity center, inside dining hall with a/c, gravel walking loop, multipurpose field and playground. The retreat itself will take place indoor (Northwest Dining Hall) that is convenient for everyone, especially our elderly church members.

To date, we have 54 going. Praise the Lord! Don’t miss this great opportunity! If you have not registered yet, please contact church office, email or text Pastor Edgar by Sept. 4th.

Second, Davis Street will launch the Discipleship Pathway Sunday on September 9th. The Disciple Pathway is an intentional process or system that will “shift” our church from maintaining church members to producing growing and mature disciples of Christ. Believing is not enough to be a growing and mature disciple of Jesus. Action is required to be a disciple of Jesus.

And so, Discipleship Pathway is about growing in belief and growing in action. Discipleship Pathway identifies 4 stages of growth that invites anyone to find where they are on their spiritual journey and move forward. We become more and more like Jesus through stages:

Discovering Stage (Why should I become a disciple?)

During the Discovering Stage, you ask lots of questions about the faith and you are trying to find meaning in life. Building relationships and a place to safely ask questions are very important to you as you discover the “why” of becoming a disciple of Jesus.

Exploring Stage (What do I have to do to be a disciple?)

During the Exploring Stage, a disciple builds a foundation of Christian beliefs and practices. This is where you develop spiritual disciplines, personal devotional and prayer life.

Growing Stage (How do I live fully into the life of a disciple?)

Most disciples find themselves on this stage. This is prime time for classes and groups where a disciple identifies his/her spiritual gifts, financial stewardship, and what it means to share faith and be more involved in service and witness.

Maturing Stage (What if I surrender completely to Christ?)

Finally, this stage shifts from focus on one’s own spiritual growth to helping others grow. This is less about classes and more experiential. Disciple attends retreats, leadership training; teaching and leading a small group or mission team. You are now mentoring others and serving in a ministry outside the walls of the church.

As we journey through the Discipleship Pathway, through the power of God’s Spirit, it’s my hope and prayer that we will grow in our belief and in our action and become more and more like Jesus who participates in the transformation of the world.

-Pastor Edgar

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