Rev. Denny from Indonesia is coming to Davis Street UMC from March 1st-5th and will be our Guest Preacher on March 3rd. Married to Surjanty, an Indonesian-Chinese woman, and am blessed with 2 children: Leah Sharon & Lemuel Solomon. Ordained as an elder at the Methodist Church of Indonesia in 1998, after completing theological studies at Trinity Theological College Singapore. Started an English-speaking congregation which now is known to be Grace Methodist Church in Jakarta.  After four years of serving in church, embarking into a chaplaincy ministry for fourteen years, and currently is appointed as the District Superintendent at Riau Island.

I was born in a Christian family.  Raised up by my mother as single parent since my father died when I was at the age of 7. Experiencing hardship due to the poverty my family went through in my childhood.  But in those difficult moments in life, I always saw a faithful mother who never failed to kneel before God and never gave up even if life challenge was so great. Her prayer life, surrendered life, faith in God and of course her hard work to meet the need of the family have become a positive influence on the children. Praying and meditation on the Word of God became a daily need in our family.  These all happened after my mom was brought to Jesus by her friend who was a faithful follower of Christ.

Prayers and the daily feeding of the Words have led all her children (all son) to be deeply rooted in God. All of her children are actively serving God through so many ways and talents God has given us.  But one thing that moved me strongly to ministry was His protection upon me.  As economically my family got better because of God’s grace and mercy, my mother planned for me to study overseas for my undergrad study.  I accepted this offer happily and looked forward for that moment enthusiastically. Everything was prepared well.  All papers and application for the university done.  Ready to go.  But I did not know why, at the last minute, I told my mom that I would love to study locally instead of going overseas.  I could not understand why I said it.  My mom was a bit sad yet allowed me to make the decision for myself.  I then enrolled to the local university and began my semester.  It was six month after making that decision than I began to know what God’s plan for me was.  I received the news of the death of my cousin who was supposed to be my roommate.  He died of suicide.  As a drug addict, he could not live without money to buy drug.  He was so frustrated and depressed, and killed himself.  That was the first time all of our family knew that he was actually a drug addict and was surrounded by drug addict friends.

The moment I got to know this, I was just in tears thanking God for his protection upon me.  I could not imagine what would happen if I went to study overseas and surrounded by this kind of people.  I believe it was the Holy Spirit who spoke in and through me about cancelling the plan to study overseas.  I thank God and promised Him to serve Him for He has protected and saved me.  I knew every moment that I had was an opportunity to serve Him and to give my best to Him. This was the thing moving me to decide to go to full time ministry.  Until today I never regret for making that decision and until today, I am amazed by the greatness of God and the great works He has performed in and through me.

The influence of a godly mother was so great in the life of her children, and her godliness has brought restoration in our family.  Indeed problems still come to us, but God has always strengthened and empowered us to go through them all as victorious people.  Praise be to God for all He has done, is doing, and will do in and through me, for His Name’s sake.