David Chris Anderson

620 East Sixth Street,
Burlington, NC 27215
Birthday: May 31
Phone: (336) 264-9326
e-mail: dca828@gmail.com
Anniversary: Dec 13, 2014

On February 3, 2019 David Chris Anderson joined Davis Street United Methodist Church.
David is the husband of our own Kitty Matkins Anderson. Growing up in Olean, NY, David can attest to the lake effect of the region- it was COLD living in close range to Lake Erie!

As a younger man, David served for 6 years in the U.S. Navy assigned to submarines. He is the father of four sons and one daughter, as well as five grand-children. A couple of his chil-dren are involved in the restaurant business. One place that you might be familiar with is Daine’s Place in Durham and others are Heavenly Buffaloes at both Duke University and UNC, with a third to open soon in Greensboro. He is very proud of all his children and their diverse interests.
David himself has a wide variety of occupations in his background. He has worked for IBM, done some teaching, worked in book publishing and marketing. He did a lot of work in the “vanity press”, (publishing books at the author’s expense). One of these books most well-received is titled— Sunset Beach. Another book that he published that did really well was written by a Korean war general and it was a nice “coffee table book”.

Other interests or hobbies that David has in addition to publishing are reading, politics, music and the arts, and dogs. David is an active member of a dog park and interestingly enough, that is where he and Kitty met. Kitty tells that she had to edge out the other women who were trying to snare David! She must have done a very good job because six months later, she and David were married. David’s pets include a dachshund named “Little Bit” and a cat named “TC” (“Top Cat”).—
David is a talented conversationalist and is enjoying being at Davis Street with Kitty. He says that now he knows what having a church “family “feels like. Working with the 8:30 missional community is important to David. He is helping with breakfast preparation, working as Wilson Scott’s backup for cooking the eggs.

We are thankful that God has brought David into our midst to serve, to learn, and to grow in his faith. Welcome, David! May God richly bless you.