Warm greetings in the Name of our Risen Savior!

This month of April, we are continuing our journey on the season of
Lent that began on Ash Wednesday and culminating on Holy Week.
This is a season of discernment, self-examination, and re-focusing
our lives to the centrality of our faith in Jesus Christ, the Humble
Servant and the Risen One, who draws us into profound community
with one another in love and unity to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the
transformation of the world.

As we remember Christ’s passion, death and resurrection, God is continually
blessing Davis Street as a growing and vital congregation. Recently, the Church
Council approved overwhelmingly the “Moving Forward” Missional Priorities for 2019

Offer Passionate and Vibrant Worship Life
• Worship on Facebook Live
• Launch Contemporary/Fresh Expressions Worship
• Offer Summer Arts & Music Academy

Expand Church Visibility & Communications
• Enhance Church’s Audio-Visual Technology
• Maintain Excellent Church Website & Other Social Media Platforms
• Build New Outdoor Signages

Implement the Discipleship Pathway
• Offer New Sunday School Classes, Bible Studies & Small Group Opportunities
• Implement Year-Round Older Adult Programs
• Initiate Multi-Generational Programs
• Grow “The Caring People” Single Moms’ Ministry

Grow the Missional Community
• Implement “The Next Step” including the Discipleship Pathway Growth Track,
Small Groups and Service Opportunities
• Implement the 7-week “Seeking Shalom” Study Group
• Launch Youth Diversion Program

I invite each of you to pray and support all of these missional priorities. To
accomplish them, we need a strong , bold and decisive pastoral and lay leadership.
We also need to embrace a radical shift in terms of its attitudes, behavior and the
way we think church. We need be adaptive, courageous, risk-takers and not afraid to
fail. Finally, we need to get out of our comfort zone and to fully trust God and God
Pastor Edgar