Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Possibly the most conspicuous trend in American religion in recent years
has been the increasing percentage of adults who are “nones”— people
who don’t identify with a religious group. They’re the ones who, when
taking a survey on religious preference, would check “none of the above.”
The recent CNN news article stated that for the first time, the “nones” have
topped a survey of Americans’ religious identity. On another article by Pew Research Center,
70% of the “nones” comprised the millennials born between 1981-1996 and they are from
various of racial and ethnic groups, people with different levels of education and income.
Right here in Burlington, there are many “nones” who are either not going to church or not
connected with church at all. They are our families, relatives, co-workers, friends and
neighbors. And so, how can we (as Davis Street) come up with new ways to make disciples of
Jesus Christ, be the church that reaches out to people who don’t like church at all? How do we
make disciples of Jesus Christ where people are more likely to spend their Sunday mornings
at Walmart than a tall steeple? Let me offer three practical ways…

First: Connect People via Social Media
More than 93% of the “nones” are either connected with cellphones and social media today.
Let’s get the word out there about Davis Street! We have a new and excellent church website.
Tell our friends that our 10:55am Sunday Worship Service is now on Facebook Live. Show
them our new church website ( and all the exciting things that are happening
at Davis Street.

Second: Build Relationships
The “nones” are looking for relationships. We got to offer radical hospitality and authentic
relationships to them. Invite friends and neighbors to your home, dine with them, share your
faith story and meet them where they are. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, relationships
will be fostered and for all you know it, they will look for a church to belong. From here, invite
them to attend our Sunday worship service and connect them with small group opportunities.

Third: Embark on New Territories
We are such a risk-averse culture as a church. Unless we experiment widely to see what
works and doesn’t work we are dead in the water!” We got to be creative, innovative, not afraid
to fail and willing to embark on new territories. The 8:30am Missional Community is continually
growing not just numerically but growing deeper with worship and discipleship components.
This year, we launched “The Caring People” Single Moms Ministry and implemented exciting
and innovative Youth Ministry. This summer, we’re gonna offer Arts & Music Academy and a
Youth Diversion Program. We’re also gonna start “Fresh Expressions Church” at Burlington
Beer Works and plant the seeds for the birthing of the Celebrate Recovery Program. Indeed,
we are the Easter people! And just like Mary Magdalene, John, Peter and the first witnesses of
the Resurrection story, may we have the passion, courage and excitement to go back to our
communities, reach out to the “nones” and to all people about the Risen Savior!

Pastor Edgar