Hello Davis St. Family.  We have, as a part of our church family, a very viable and growing ministry.  It is the breakfast ministry.  Some latest statistics will help us better understand this amazing ministry.

– From January 1 to August 19 this year we served 2,373 people
– The average per Sunday for this period was 74 persons
– Folks smarter than me have figured that it cost $1.58 per person to serve the meal
– The average spent per week for groceries is $117.00

God has provided this gift of people who come each week to worship, fellowship and eat.

So, how can support of this ministry happen if you do not come to early worship and breakfast?

– Pray for the volunteers, those being served, worship leaders, and Pastor Edgar.
– Donations are always welcomed and needed to purchase groceries for the week.
– Each week napkins, table cloths, dish towels and wash cloths need to be washed and returned to the church to be used the next Sunday.
– Ask God to provide you with guidance in support of this ministry.
– As you pray, recognize that it is a blessing!

Blessings and Peace,

Mike Sykes, Breakfast Ministry Leader