The Church Council, during its August meeting, approved the transition of the printed newsletter to digital format.  The newsletter(s) can be viewed and printed from the church website:  You can review each monthly issue dated from January of this year at this link.  The format is the same as the printed edition. You can also find all announcements from the Newsletter in the announcements page of our website at

The newsletter will continue to be printed/mailed for remainder of 2019, with the December issue being the last mailed copy.  Beginning in January 2020, a limited number of printed monthly copies will be available in the church parlor (in keeping with our practice), and a very limited number will be mailed to shut-ins without internet access.

This transition will produce financial and workload savings.  The expense associated with  paper and ink/toner purchases, copy costs, postage and the bulk mail permit will be significantly reduced.  The workload associated with the production of 100+ copies will also reduce the burden on the church staff.  You may contact the church office with questions.