A few words from our Spiritual Gifts participants:

A great fellowship time sharing God’s word—learning the difference between gifts, talents and fruits. I particularly appreciated the reminder and definition that the gifts are a vehicle God has given us to share His grace with others.  –Vicki Ambrose

I so enjoyed the class on Spiritual Gifts—it was wonderful to learn about how God has each of us ‘wired up’ and to get to know our fellow classmates even better. –Terry Apple.

The Spiritual Gifts class was interesting on a Bible study level, as we focused on what scripture says about the varied gifts God has given to every believer—so that we may work together in concert to serve the church, the body of Christ, and to share the gospel message of God’s love and grace. It was an enlightening experience to discover the gifts we have from the perspective of the scripture-based survey, rather than our own self-perception. We don’t always see ourselves the way God sees us. -Nancy Webster

Our next Spiritual Gifts Study meets on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30pm
We begin on Thursday September 12 and will go through to October 10th

      Please sign up in the lobby.
Grace and peace,  Pat Sykes