On October 21st-25th, I will be attending the School of Congregational Development in the Philippines. After that, I will be preaching in Singapore and visiting Indonesia on October 26th-31st upon the invitation of Rev. Denny Nainggolan who came to Davis Street a few months ago.

Moreover, I’m blessed to be selected and funded by the Global Ministries for the Mission Roundtable Facilitators Training to be held on Nov. 4th-8th in Atlanta, Georgia. The Global Ministries is working to build up a cadre of facilitators from each region of the world who can serve when needed as facilitators in the Mission Rndtable setting. Mission Roundtables are dynamic, multilateral dialogues between partners to support missional and strategic alignment efforts. Through the training, the facilitator will learn about the Mission Roundtable program and be equipped with common facilitation methodologies used in the Mission Roundtable setting.

I give thanks to God for Rev. Mike Sykes and David Smedberg who will fill-in for me and assist with emergency pastoral care during those times. I’m also deeply grateful to my District Superintendent Rev. Mike Frese, Vicki Ambrose, David Smedberg and the SPR Team for their wholehearted support with my continuing ed, professional development and involvement beyond the local church.

Therefore, let me briefly share with y’all the three main reasons why I am involved with the global and connectional church.

First, this is “who I am” and “whose I am.” At the very beginning of my ministry, God revealed to me that Christ’s ministry is from “Jerusalem, to Judea, to Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” I believe that God called me not just to serve Him in the local church but to the wider, connectional, global church. That is why the Lord called me to serve as President of NAFAUM, Executive Committee of Asian American Language Ministries and Council Member of World Methodist CounciSecond, being involved with the global and connectional church is how God is feeding my soul. Whenever I serve beyond the local church, God is feeding my soul! If the church sees me as vibrant, energetic, joyful, passionate, loving and Spirit-filled, that is because God is using my involvement outside of the church to replenish and ignite my calling, my passion, my gifts and my abilities. My service to local church is my giving. When I am here at Davis Street, I give my 100% passion, gifts and service. But when I am outside of Davis Street, learning and serving the global and connectional church, that is where I receive my spiritual nourishment and replenishment.

Finally, the United Methodist Church is a global and connectional church. Davis Street as a local church, does not exist on our own. That is why we have Charge Conference, Annual Conference and District Superintendents that connect us to a wider, connectional and global church in mission and ministry. Rev. Frese says, “Edgar’s involvement beyond the local church is God’s gift for the church that needs to be celebrated and affirmed. Edgar is bringing Davis Street wherever he goes and at the same time, he is bringing a global missional perspective back to Davis Street.”

Indeed, Davis Street has accomplished so much in the last couple of years of our ministry partly because Davis Street recognizes Pastor Edgar’s passion, gifts and abilities and support his involvement beyond the local church. What a great joy to serve Christ in His body. To God be the glory!

Pastor Edgar