Warm Advent greetings!

As we draw 2019 to a close, let us look back and celebrate God’s victories through Davis Street.

  • Davis Street increased its average Sunday worship attendance from 90 to 145.
  • Davis Street is shifted the Breakfast Fellowship into a Missional Community w/ Praise & Worship.
  • Davis Street is welcoming new and diverse people mainly coming from the growing Missional Community.
  • Davis Street renovated the Church Nursery and Children’s Wing.
  • Davis Street launched the He-Brews Coffee Ministry & Creative Arts Camp.
  • Davis Street has a growing and thriving Children’s Ministry & Youth Group.
  • Davis Street is missionally partnering with Broadview Middle School.
  • Davis Street is shifting from membership to discipleship via the Discipleship Pathway.
  • Davis Street implemented the New Consecration Sunday Stewardship Campaign on its third year.
  • Davis Street invested in fixing the church basement and now 100% mold-free.
  • Davis Street has a mission-focused, visionary and Christ-centered church staff and lay leadership.
  • Davis Street is currently maintaining an excellent and innovative church website w/ Facebook Live.
  • Davis Street birthed the L.I.T.E. Women’s Group, J.O.Y. Older Adult Ministry and “The Caring People” Single Moms Ministry.
  • Davis Street has more people engaged in small groups, mission and ministries.

Indeed, Davis Street is partnering with God in His mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ and open to the movements of the Spirit as God leads us beyond the walls of the church into our neighborhoods in new ways and fresh expressions. Our ultimate goal “is not fix the church” but rather, to pay attention to what God is already doing and join with Him in shifting and growing Davis Street.

Shifting Davis Street from years of decline and stagnation towards becoming a vibrant, growing and thriving congregation will not be easy. The shifting is not going to be a quick and without challenges. In fact, we’re going to face more challenges, more risks and more obstacles along the way as we partner with God in His mission to “move into the neighborhood.” Davis Street shifting will require us to give up our own preferences, our own comfort zones and our own agendas to follow Jesus!

The good news is— God is with us! All we have to do is to be out of the way, to fix our eyes on Jesus, to be adaptive, courageous, risk-takers and obedient in following Jesus Christ, and join to what God is already doing in making discipleship of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year to all!

Pastor Edgar