Warm New Year Greetings!

As we begin another new year, I invite the people of Davis Street UMC to re-commit our lives to the Lordship of Jesus and to champion these three major priorities:

First: Building Authentic Relationships
Davis Street must continue focusing on increasing the culture of invitation to all people (especially new and diverse people) and build authentic relationships through
intentional Discipleship Pathway. We need to keep on inviting families, friends and neighbors and foster relational connections at every opportunity such as Children & Young Ministries, Sunday School Class, Bible Studies, Men & Women’s Groups and service opportunities.

Second: Community Engagement
As we invite new people and build authentic relationships, we need to intensify our community engagement through partnership and collaboration particularly with Broadview Middle School, Sustainable Alamance and other community-based ministries.
The 8:30am Early Service & Breakfast needs to continue shifting to the next level using Fresh Expressions/Dinner Church model. And we may need to re-purpose the church building to serve as a “mix space” for creative innovation and impact.
From the “steeple to the neighborhood”, we are tangibly demonstrating God’s love to all peo-ple in practical and meaningful ways. We are affirming the church is not about us! Rather, the church is about participating in God’s action to the community and beyond.

Third: Creative Innovation
Creative innovation is critical for Davis Street UMC’s shifting into a growing and thriving con-gregation. We need to shift our default mindsets beyond the stereotypical congregation to be creative and innovative in terms of fresh expressions of faith. We must explore the many ways in which this creative innovation can be a force for renewal, a sign of the Spirit’s fresh wind blowing to offer revival and renewal for the church.
Creative innovation involves offering Sunday worship experience that is relevant to the
unchurched and de-churched, church visibility on social media platform such as Worship on Facebook Live and newly-enhanced church website. We also need to continue expanding our Creative Arts Camp and He-Brews Coffee Ministry.

When we build authentic relationships, foster community engagement and birth creative innovations, we become more and more of “a church for all people’. This means that we are becoming more and more of an inclusive community— where all people are welcomed with radical hospitality, growing to be disciples of Christ and sent out to serve and transform the community.

As we look forward for this New Year, please join with me in praying together: “Lord, as New Year begins, we humbly come to You and ask for Your blessings. Thank you for Your mission and plans You have for us in this New Year. We pray that Your miracles will continue to break forth everyday @ Davis Street and may we not be an obstacle along the way. We pray this in the strong Name of Jesus. Amen.”