It is awesome to look back and remember 2019 as a year to engage in worship and breakfast ministry in the early morning at Davis St.  We get to touch many lives with the grace of God through tangible gifts. Worship, food, clothing, and conversation are ways we say, “Because God loves, we love you, too”.  We are in service in this ministry because God has called us to be a “church for ALL people”.

This is a ministry that takes a lot of committed people to accomplish. I want to highlight an unseen but valuable part of this ministry – doing laundry each week. It is a blessing for the following folks to take care of this.  They are:

1st Sunday                        Gay Trotter
2nd Sunday                       Shirley Manning
3rd Sunday                       Diana Hanford
4th Sunday                       Ann Acquilano
5th Sunday                       Donna Quiring
Alternate:  John Wise

I want to share some of the food items that were served in 2019.

  • We served about 3,971 meals this year with an average of 69 people served each week.
  • 4056 eggs were cooked and served last year.
  • 260 pounds of bacon
  • 3120 biscuits
  • 106 gallons of orange juice
  • 1248 ounces of SPAM

God has blessed us with the groceries and the people to give God the glory each and every Sunday.

Finally, the Breakfast Team will have an Epiphany Party on January 13, 2020 6:00 P.M. at Maria’s Restaurant.  Sign-up in the Kitchen by January 6th.

Blessings and Peace,

Mike Sykes