Davis Street UMC has been responsible for delivering the meals on every 4th week of the year. In the past every day was covered by 2 people. Now we cover only one day (which is Thursday) done by me (Nancy) and Emerson Lowery. This means that volunteers can choose either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. They do encourage a team of 2 for each day. The information can be seen on line at http://www.alamancemow.org

We pick up the meals at 10AM on the day that we are responsible for. The staff meet us and puts the food in our vehicles – along with route information – so there is no heavy lifting. Golden Corral has contracted to prepare the food. We volunteers place the cold food in a plastic bag before delivery. Each client gets a hot meal plus the cold bag (containing bread, milk and dessert) Each place of delivery is listed and directions to the next place is on a sheet of paper for us to follow. After completing the de-liveries – we return to the Home base (Meals on Wheels at 411 West 5th Street. The phone no. is 336-228-8815.

We are required to remove the empty food containers from our cars and place them at the outside door of the MOW building. Our route takes about one hour. This is such a little time to do so much good. Each client on our route has been so happy to see us and grateful for the food. Each person is a precious child of God and easy to love.