Davis Street Rise Against Hunger Team,

Thank you to all those who were able to make our meeting on Jan 16th. Below, you will find a list of
decisions made and any pertinent notes from the meeting.

-In addition to our current communications plan for fundraising and awareness, I spoke with David Smedberg about reaching out to newspapers, radio stations, and local television stations for information about advertising.

-Haley and Schyler have completed a “fundraising thermometer poster” to be continually used in church announcements for our event. This poster is now in the foyer and will be updated weekly. We may use this to present to the congregation every other week at 10:55 am.

-We have decided to open our event to the Burlington community. (this kind of social community service initiative is one way we can/will revitalize and grow our church. Many people are looking for a church that is actively serving those in need in tangible ways, we just need to get the word out there and be a church that is known for how it serves and feeds and clothes those in need.)

-Opening our event to the community means several things:
–We are contacting many of the churches close to us to elicit their participation.
–All leaders, that’s you, are asked to speak with any organization or business they are involved with (kiwanis, boy scouts, motorcycle club, private local business, small group, school, etc), see if they would like to donate and/or sign-up to volunteer ASAP for the March 14th event. There will be ample media materials provided to aid your efforts through our website, bulletin handouts, Facebook page event updates, newspaper ads, and email marketing campaigns. There will be a means of signing up and donating on our website.
–Similar to how the Crop Hunger Walk and the Autism Awareness Walk and other fundraising efforts operate. You will be able to create fundraising teams. Each team, church, or organization will have their own smaller total to raise within our $8,300.
–Lastly, there will be a celebration cookout immediately following the Rise Against Hunger meal prep event on March 14th.. We will discuss the logistics of this March 14th celebration cookout in more detail in the coming weeks.

Thank you again to all of our Rise Against Hunger volunteers for their service. I look forward to seeing
you more in the coming weeks!

John Caleb Wise