Warm Lenten greetings!

I hope this note finds you healthy and safe. These past few weeks
have been unprecedented as our world, nation, and everyone of our communities comes to
grips with the threat of coronavirus or COVID-19 to every facets of our lives— health, economic,
social and even the way we are being the church.

Nevertheless, God is right in the middle of this global pandemic among us. And no matter how
dire circumstances get, the Lord remains our refuge and strength, “an ever-present help in
trouble” (Psalm 46:1). To trust in the Lord amid this crisis is to experience and bear witness to
the power of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we are in this together! And we gonna be the church in this time of crisis. Our key lay
leadership approved the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan and formed a Response Team that will
gather information and track updates about COVID-19 and recommend to the Church Staff
decisive actions within the 24-48 hours of COVID-19 developments.

Stay Connected
During this time of crisis, I encourage all of us to stay connected, communicate with each other,
most especially encouraging and supporting one another. Please always check our church
website (davisunited.org) for COVID-19 updates and links to CDC, NC Department of Health &
Human Services and local government sources. A weekly email update will be sent every
Monday to the entire congregation. Pastor Edgar will also offer daily Facebook Live updates and
phone tree message every Wednesday. Finally, we will soon begin sending out weekly e-
newsletter through email and uploaded online.

Worship Services
Out of our desire to love each other well, especially those who are most vulnerable, Davis Street
UMC will continue offering online Sunday Worship Service up to April 5 th across all our online
platforms including church website, church Facebook page and YouTube. This means that we
will continue to suspend corporate worship services, Sunday School classes and all other small
group meeting or gatherings on campus up to April 5th. After that, the Church Staff in
consultation with the Response Team will re-evaluate the situation and will make decisions
regarding future worship services on 2-week increments.

Grab & Go Breakfast Ministry
As we journey together this time of crisis, Davis Street UMC continues to be “a church for all
people.” We shifted our outreach ministry to an adaptive mode by offering “Grab & Go”
Breakfast to our neighborhood and community in need every Sunday, 8:30am in our campus.
Again, this ministry will be “evolving” depending upon the directives from the Church Staff and
Response Team.

Spiritual Growth, Care, & Support Network
Social distancing does not mean social isolation. I encourage everyone to be adaptive and
creative in maintaining your spiritual growth during this crisis. I encourage our Sunday School
classes, Bible Study groups and lay organizations to meet online via Zoom. In the coming days,
we will provide instructions and tutorials about Zoom on our church website. We will also
launch a grocery shopping support network to ferry sanitized goods to the vulnerable in our
church. And finally, we will expand our phone network by building our current network of care
and support to make phone calls, send care cards and uplift the social health and wellness of
our church family.

Giving Reminder
The ministry here at Davis Street UMC continues even during this time of crisis. And so, I highly
encourage everyone to continue giving your weekly tithes and offerings. The online giving is
already up and running on the church website. You may also consider other options such as
bank’s “Bill-Pay” system or checks delivered to Davis Street’s campus and be dropped in the
mailbox by the ramp entrance. US mail can still be used to deliver checks to the church. As
always, we give thanks to God for your faithfulness and generosity.

In closing, as we get ready for the coming Holy Week, may the hope, promise and resilience of
the Risen Lord & Savior be with us all in these challenging times. With God’s grace, we shall
persevere! Stay safe and be healthy!