On Mother’s Day, we honor all mothers and motherly figures— grandmothers, aunts, sisters, wives, step-mothers, foster mothers, guardians, babysitters, teachers, health care providers, neighbors, friends, loved ones, and many others who practice self-sacrifice and embody love and compassion to all who are privileged to be in their influence.

However, this year’s Mother’s Day will be different as millions of people self-isolate and are forced to rethink plans with loved ones. Like many of you, we normally attend church service and go out to lunch with family. We spend the rest of this special day with get-togethers in homes accompanied by plenty of in-person hugs and kisses. But as the coronavirus pandemic restricts where we can go, and makes social distancing a new norm, many of these traditions will have to be postponed to another year.

On the other hand, we recognize that Mother’s Day, though a very special day, can also be a painful day for many women. Some women struggle to get pregnant or to carry children to term. Others may have lost children during the previous year. There are even women who are struggling with their roles as mothers, while others have recently lost their own mothers.

We can celebrate Mother’s Day by going back to the Biblical examples of motherhood and how God expresses divine love for us. The Bible is full of mothers and we connect their stories to the wide spectrum of motherhood today— new mothers and young mothers whose children are in their most tender years; mothers of grown children who transition into empty nests and a new chapter of self-discovery; mothers and grandmothers of advanced years, whose twilight of life is marked by frailty of body but a potency of spirit.

There are also those who are lonely and in grief—those who are spending their first Mother’s Day as a widower, an orphan, or as a parent who has lost a child. May the Risen Savior bring comfort and restoration to their broken hearts and allow them to live into their future with hope. Whatever situation you are facing right now, remember that a mother’s love is special but not perfect, and know that God’s love never fails!

Please know that you and your family are in my prayers. As always, for any pastoral needs, you may contact me at: 919-418-0682 or by email.

Pastor Edgar