COVID19 Update

January 2022

In light of rising Covid cases, COVID-19 Response Team reconvened this past week and updated the guidelines for Davis Street. The team has recommended the following:

1.  Due to COVID-19 exposure and positive test results of COVID-19 tests within the congregation and staff, our January 16th, 2022 service of worship will be online only.  All Sunday School classes, small groups, and church meetings are asked to meet online only or to reschedule for a date after January 17, 2022.

2.  The Breakfast ministry will continue to provide meals on Sunday morning albeit with their own informed and modified COVID response and their awareness and practice of their own protocols for social distancing.

3.  The church will be purchasing a limited supply of kn95 masks for the use of congregants who are unable to provide their own PPE while on campus. These masks will also be available for the staff to use while working on campus.

4.  All staff will be required to wear kn95 approved masks while on campus at all times except when standing at the sanctuary pulpit to speak during the 11:00am worship services.

5.  We are recommending the use of kn95 masks and hand sanitizer.

6.  Davis Street UMC recommends that all congregants practice sound health practices, use wisdom in their implementation of social distancing, and judiciously make use of Personal Protective Equipment as their own discretion permits them to do so.

7.  We are recommending that only one person be in the restroom at a time even if restroom facility is a multi-use one.

8.  If you feel ill, please stay home. If you know you have been exposed to COVID-19 and have you have not yet received a negative COVID-19 test result, please stay home and quarantine.

9.  Please use common sense and be safe.

10. Similarly, we recommend that all affiliate organizations and outside parties maintain a sound response to public health and COVID-19 safety while on the campus of Davis Street UMC. This includes the Carousel Quilters Guild, Alamance Funeral Service, and the Burlington Players and any other organizations that wish to use our facilities. To reiterate, we are recommending the use of kn95 masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing, the separate and single use of bathroom facilities by individuals, and the recommendation to stay home if one is feeling ill or if one has been exposed to COVID-19 and has not yet received a negative COVID-19 test result.

11.  At this time, we plan to resume in person worship starting January 23rd. We will continue to provide access to online worship. We will be reiterating our recommendation to the congregation to practice safe health practices.

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