The Connection

Week 5 Lesson
We Need Each Other

Discussion Video

Interconnected not Independent
Dr. Kate Bower

We have had issues with our live feed tonight, May 28th. If possible, we will post a recording of the meeting at a later time.

Follow-up Video

Dr. Kate Bower

Week 4 Lesson
Resilience & Coping With Isolation

Video Posted May 19

Wednesday May 20th
Lesson Completed

The forced isolation brought about by stay-at-home orders poses an unnatural state for human beings conditioned to thrive on social interactions, but our experience of being alone could just inspire a new way of living. Lee Cowan talks with professors of sociology and genomics, and with a Benedictine monk, about how to adapt to the stresses of this period of isolation, and explores how some people are coping via hobbies, such as sketching, baking or quilting.

Week 1 Lesson
Do No Harm

Video Posted April 24

Wednesday April 29th
Lesson Completed

Week 2 Lesson
Do Good

Video Posted May 1

Wednesday May 6th
Lesson Completed

Week 3 Lesson
Stay in Love With God

Video Posted May 11

Wednesday May 13th
Lesson Completed

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